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COMMON SENSE...Any left?

During my teen years I sometimes/often times made poor life choices. That was okay, my mother could deal with that. “We all do”, she’d say, and then “Just don’t do it again. At least not the SAME thing!” Then there were other times when the college education side of me would raise its ugly head. The ‘smart’ side and I’d assert myself. My mother would say, “You know, you’ve got a lot of book sense, but no common sense!” Rest her soul. High school graduate. Street sense. Smarter and wiser than I could EVER become.

I’m wondering if the lack of “common sense” in combination with the “lack of empathy” is what is missing with the some of the law enforcement today. How on earth can you keep repeating the same offenses over, and over, and over again? I am, among a lot of other things, baffled. What say you? #commonsense #empathy #lawenforcement #Rayshardbrooks @georgefloyd

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