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"Legacy" Poem for My Son: Words last forever

And This I Give to You

And this I give to you

The memory that you were born December 21, 1993.

The wait was two months until we became three;

your Father, you and me.

You didn't come from my belly; but

another part, just as important, my heart

that's where you got your start.

And this

Appreciation for the sun, moon, and stars

the earth, the flowers

the rain showers

and all the things that only come

from the Higher Power.

And this

Strength to bend your knees and pray

because God hears every word, you say.

HE answers prayers of those who

accept HIM and believe in HIS way.

You will need HIM in times of dismay.

And this

Sadness, and the strength to cry

because life will bring it, why?

Don't know, wish I could deny, you

of all the times that won't be pleasant or happy

And this

Family members and the ties that bind.

When the world seems unkind

And it looks as though the sun won't shine,

family will love you and be there for you.

And this

When you meet that girl of your dreams, who

will steal your heart and make you beam;

show her gentleness, respect, and courtesy;

that's what she'll want to see.

So, I give you this my precious son,

a Mother’s love for her only one.

And I give you this at no fee

because unconditional love is always free.

Forever yours, Mother #motherandson #loveforson #legacyforchildren #wordsarepowerful #wordslastforever #motherandsonbond #legacytoson #moralvalues #poemforsons #preciousson

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