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"Mama" He Cried. She answered. A Tribute to George Floyd

Mama, Mother, Mom, Gigi, Ma’Dere, Mommy, Ma, Nana…A rose is still a rose no matter what you call her. These are all terms of endearment for the one who brought you into this world, and on many occasions reminded you that she would take you out of this world if need be.

Today, Mr. George Floyd is laid to rest in Pearland Cemetery in Houston, Texas, near his mother. He left this world on May 25, 2020, to join his, “Mama”, “Miss Cissy”. He died with those words on his lips, “Mama”.

We all have a “Mama” and we all have our own special relationships with her. In my family, there were four children. She answered to two “Mother” (s), one “Mommy” and one “Ma”. It wasn’t important what she was called, the important thing was that she answered when she was called. How many times have we called her in a lifetime? “Let me count the ways” …

Mr. Floyd’s “Mama” was probably like many of ours who love their children no matter what. In turn, we love our mothers, no matter what. When it comes to “Mother”, it becomes matters of the heart. Education doesn’t matter, financial status doesn’t matter, appearance doesn’t matter, but the unconditional love that ONLY a mother can give does matter. Her nurturing. Her support. Her strength. Her superpowers. Our biggest fan. Mama.

Mothers aren’t perfect, but through a child’s eyes, they are. They sometimes don’t get it right, and sometimes get on your very last nerves, but don’t let anyone else try to disrespect “YOUR” mother (Yo Mama), at that point, they have truly crossed the line of no return.

A mother-child relationship is individual, personal, unique, and can be complex and complicated at times. A mother and son relationship is even more special. She truly has unconditional love for that son. Sorry daughters. I would surmise that Mr. Floyd and his mother had this type of bond too. As he suffered at the hands of bullies before he died, he probably heard his mother calling and reaching out to him one last time, maybe saying, “George, come on home son. You don’t have to endure this type of treatment from anybody! Pass the baton to the rest of the world and let them figure it out. Come on home George.” George Floyd, in desperation, cried “Mama” one last time, and the good news… she answered.

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