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Ministry Moment with Michelle: "About Yesterday...Just Me?"

And a good time was had by ALL! Yesterday, Super Bowl LVI, Super stars, Super fans, Super plays, Super players, Super half-time performances, Super commercials, Super tears (winners & losers), and the list goes on! It was, and is every year for the last 56 years, a SUPER SUNDAY!

My family and I, like many, look forward to the commercials. We watch, analyze, laugh, we help each other "get it" when one doesn't. (That's usually me.) Yesterday, for me was no exception. Just me? A lot of the messages totally went over my head! I saw the visuals. I heard the words but still did not get the message.

I always think of the millions that companies spend on advertisements to either introduce you to, remind you of, or persuade you to buy their brands. The millions that are wasted on people like me who just "don't get the message!". That was yesterday...

Today, I'm thinking of a Super Natural, Super Power who sends a message for free that I do get. It's ours for the taking. Romans 10:13 says, "for, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Now that's a Super win! Cost? Priceless!

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