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Ministry Moment with Michelle: "Anxiety-When?"

Anxiety, familiar with it? Ever paid attention to when it happens and what brings it on? What triggers you and sends you into a frenzy?

What I've noticed is that it doesn't really happen until you run out of time! Yes! When you run out of time. Our time, Chronos, clock time, and not God's time, Chairos. It's like quantity vs quality time.

We sometimes try to pack too much into one day, or sometimes we're moving fast on things that we should spend a little more Chairos time on. Making impulsive decisions causes anxiety. I was "scrolling/trolling" the Internet and ran across someone's page talking about this very thing. She wrote:

"If the request is not right, He will answer, "No."

If the time is not right, He will answer, "Slow."

When you are not right, He will answer, "Grow."

When the request, the time, and you are right, God will say "Go."

Operating in Chairos' time will help relieve some of that anxiety!

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