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Ministry Moment with Michelle: CHAOS

When I think of the word “chaos” immediately comes to mind are things like my closet, my jewelry boxes, my life at times. The dictionary offers definitions like: complete disorder and confusion; behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity; the formless matter “supposed” to have existed before the creation of the universe. Ah ha! that’s a point for discussion. "The formless matter that was “supposed” to have existed before the creation of the universe."

Obviously, the person who wrote that definition has not read Genesis 1:1-2 and perhaps does not believe in the Christian Triune God or maybe not heard TD Jakes’ New Year’s Eve (almost 2 hours) sermon message! 😊

In the Bible, Genesis starts with “In the beginning God…” NOTHING was there, BUT GOD. It was “chaotic”. There was nothing but the “spirit” of God hovering over the waters. Now that’s a peaceful thought! He created EVERYTHING! Look left. Look right. Look up. Look down. Look outward. Look inward. EVERYTHING. For that we should give HIM PRAISE! The kind of praise that we give our churches, and organizations and children and businesses. (Google Gen. 1:1-2 today. It’s powerful! Better still dust off that old Bible & read it!)

Remember, while you’re going about your business today (all year), and making all kinds of decisions, if God is not “in the beginning” don’t do it! Don’t call on Him later in the middle of your mess to fix it. He CAN operate in chaos. He can operate anywhere because He’s Omnipresent, Omniscient, and all Omnipotent. But life is so much easier when we put HIM first-“In the beginning”…

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