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Ministry Moment with Michelle: "Just Because..."

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Writers write for many reasons. Sometimes it's "just because". We write from different places and spaces. From whence does the inspiration flow? We write from experiences, (past & present), from other people's experiences, and mostly from what we know & don't know! Personally, my inspiration comes from what's going on in my life at the time. The thing and place where I'm spending most of my energy, effort and time.

For me, right now and for the last three years has been in Seminary. I have the opportunity to read and write about some of the "Greatest Stories Ever Told". Through reading and writing, I get to go into the lives of the great writers of the day, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul. Paul wrote a lot. Lucky for us 13 epistles (letters) are preserved in the Bible. He wrote mostly to churches to encourage them and correct their issues that they were dealing with. He wrote during his missionary journeys and from prison. He wrote and sent his messages by other missionaries.

Digital & oral transmission are fine, but some things just have to be communicated through focused writing. There is a love and passion for it. You'll write on anything, a napkin, a post it note... you'll write anytime, doesn't matter if anyone reads it! We write books that take forever for people to hear about because we don't focus on the marketing, just the opportunity for the creative expression. We write, "Just because"...

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