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  • Michelle Spady

Ministry Moment with Michelle: "Peaks or Valleys?"

Papers written, projects turned in, two exams left, just like that! End of another Semester!

A "peak"some would say. Surely, a "peak" when I think back to my entrance into seminary in 2019, I had not been in a classroom (other than teaching) since my last University Constitutional Law class in 1975. About 44 years! Yes, a "peak". Peaks are good, but valleys can be better. I can relate to valleys too. I've spent more time in valleys than on mountain peaks. Valleys are where things grow better.

Valleys are where you and your faith are tested. When you live in valleys you have neighbors like, Mr. & Mrs. Humiliation; Ms. Doubtful; Cousin Desperation; Nancy Non-Believer;

Mrs. Much Afraid; Sir Slippery Slope, & Uncle Bills (to be paid)

When you're in the valley, down real low, you are able to really look the "High Place", the "Peak".

Your desires change. You want to climb the mountain to the "High Place". You want a view from the top. You know that mountain peaks are hard to climb. Terrain is rough. They're

steep, sloping sides, sharp edges, rounded ridges. (Like Life!)

You're gonna need mental strength, perseverance, will power, FAITH.

You'll need 'feet like a hind'. Habakkuk 3:19 says,

"The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet

like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights."

What is it about the feet of a deer/hind? An Ibex deer has

a compact torso, long slender legs, and cloven hoofs enable

them to balance on tiny outcroppings on rock-faced mountains.

They have powerful jumps and graceful balance that allow

them to scale steep mountains in only seconds! (There's the shout!)

They are agile. Their rear feet step in precisely the same

spot where the front feet have just been. Their moves

are single-focused and consistent. They are sure-footed!

And so are YOU! YOU are equipped with feet like a hind. (metaphorically)

Leave that valley of humiliation; and RUN, JUMP, CLIMB to the High Place!

He's waiting for you!







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