• Michelle Spady

Ministry Moment with Michelle: "Personal Choices"

Making "personal choices" is just that-personal! However, sometimes when you make your choices public it can help to hold you accountable. I don't know about you, but the last three years have found me leading a very sedentary life and it's showing!

Last night I made a decision to do something. I felt very hypocritical working so very hard on changing my heart, mind and soul and doing nothing for my body. It's not like I don't know that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit who lives within us. We only have one body, a gift from God. It should be cared for and nurtured like our hearts, minds and souls. (Yes, speaking to self!)

When you add up the years your body has been carrying you, that's a lot of baggage! After a while everything gives out. I invite you to join me to try something new. Let's consume good things and make healthy choices and decisions. Scriptures are great support systems! We need to be ready for our purpose and the plans that God has for us! Choose well today!






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