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Ministry Moment with Michelle: "Sharing"

What does it mean to be Christian? What exactly is the Trinity and why is it important to us as Christians? How can we grow spiritually, with a better understanding of the relationship and love shared in the Trinity?

Amazing how God works. You never know how He will touch you to get to know Him better, and share with others.

Last year I was led to write a book, and later a coloring and workbook, about a topic that I had just learned a lot about in a class that I took in Seminary. The topic was "Trinitarianism". The title of the children's book is, "I AM CHRISTIAN, BUT WHAT IS THE TRINITY?" The title has drummed up as much attention as the subject of the book. People want to place an "a" before the word Christian. I've been asked, "Do you know that you left out an "a" in your title?" It amuses me because at first I had included the article "a" Christian, but during the publishing process it somehow got dropped off. It stands correct as is, and is more specific as to the message I am conveying about the main character, Terrance. (Yes,"ance") Since grammar is not the topic of discussion for today, moving on. :-)

Pray with us, as we will be "sharing" creatively, the message in I AM CHRISTIAN, BUT WHAT IS THE TRINITY?" The 17-year old, illustrator, Morgyn Childs, and I will virtually join the youth and members of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Centerville, VA. It is always exciting to spread the "good news" of the Bible! "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever." Romans 11:36 Enjoy your weekend. Remember the Sabbath. Rest.








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