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  • Michelle Spady

Ministry Moment with Michelle: "The L Word"

A few days ago my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. The day was spent like any other day. We acknowledged each other and exchanged cards and a few laughs. For so many years we have gone over the top to make sure that our expressions of "love" (The L word) for each other were on full display.

We'd lavish each other with gifts, parties, trips, and extraordinary surprises! Reflecting this year showed me that that "love" we began with almost forty years ago, is still here and has gotten better over time in a special kind of way. No extra fluff is necessary.

I surmise we have a relationship that was first built on friendship. From that grew more and more respect and understanding for each other's ideas, thoughts, and lives.

Keeping God-centered has really helped during the last few decades. God made us in His image to be like Him. Because He is love and He made us in His image; it is expected that we in turn love Him, and each other.

Our love, like Biblical love, is hard to describe. We love unconditionally. Our love is way more than just a romantic attraction or a strong feeling. It is all-consuming, empowering, and lives in each of us. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the perfect models who show us how to love like God wants us to love.

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