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  • Michelle Spady

Ministry Moments with Michelle: "10-12 Per Min."

Ten to twelve per minute is how many breaths the average adults take. Ten to twelve, can you believe that? Oh by the way, they're automatic! Just happens with no effort on our part. Ever thought about that? The fact that we even breathe. How does that happen? or better still, "WHO" makes that happen? Well, those are "natural breaths" all part of our creation by our CREATOR. Another thing that most of us take for granted.

There is something else called "Spiritual Breathing". Spiritual Breathing is when we hear and obey God. If we're still, listen and breathe in, we can hear from Him in many ways like through; His Word, Prayer, His Body (the church and through other believers), and His works.

I was reading somewhere that "when we breathe out and obey what we hear and share with others what we've heard, God will speak even more clearly." Imagine that acting on what we hear from God; and sharing it!

Today, breathe in to focus on Jesus and breathe out distractions and stress! "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" Ps 150:6 Breathe...& Share!

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