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  • Michelle Spady

The Holly Knoll At Cappahosie-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

About six years ago I was invited to give a presentation for an organization at a place called "The Holly Knoll at Cappahosie" in Gloucester, VA. It was a beautiful conference center with a rich history. The Georgian mansion turned conference center is a very serene location pointing near the York River. A writer's heaven. Every spare moment I got during my stay, I found myself lured to a live oak tree with a stone bench under it. The tree boasts 400 years of age. Evergreens in abundance. Local "oral history" has it that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned part of his 'I Have a Dream' speech under that tree. A legend

from those who convened there during the lifetime of Dr. King, said, "But there's no question that he spent quite a lot of time there, and sitting under that tree. He was known for sitting and contemplating..."

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